Música dedicada: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Encontré este grupo por casualidad y esperando que la casualidad los traiga a este post, se las comparto.

Tanto la letra,  como el video, como la melodía son simplemente perfectas para disfrutar en soledad, con una deliciosa taza de té, café, chocolate, vino, o bebida de su preferencia, sin hacer otra cosa que escuchar como habla de la inocencia, del deseo de libertad, de la duda que todos y cada uno de nosotros nos hacemos sobre el porqué de morir, ¿Por qué no simplemente permanecer como niños?

The voices in my head are shadows, shadows
She comes to me, to tell me what they’re after
Says it ain’t the end boy but you best be careful, careful
Might catch your tail end in a circle, circle
The ocean how she moves in ripples, ripples
In flashing lights I swear it was an old film then the color bleeds and she
Becomes an angel, angel, hmmm
Calls out to me like a siren to a scoundrel
And I say come on child, and I say come on child

The blanket where she hides my virgin lights
Look to the sea where the cotton hits the turnpike
Staring at your knees but I don’t have the words right, words right now
If up to me might make her turned right, turned right
Lost another one but she still smiles, smiles
Black lava knives and a stare that sees for miles says she wants, oh wants to

Stay a child, child right now
And wonders why we ever ever have to die
And I say come on child and I say come on child
Just a touch I’m gonna carry, carry
Another time where I probably shared the same life
The accent of a kiss whispers we’re married, married now
It’s either love or just the sun in my eyes and I say come on child
And I say come on child
Love love love love love


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